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The problem of securing local network environments against attacks from in- and outside is a permanent growing challenge. Firewalls are the first line of defense to protect your networks from both outside attackers and malicious internal users. Without firewalls, internal networks are exposed to the Internet and outside world without any protection.

Complease will identify network access points and highly critical internal systems and design a firewall solution specific to your business and security needs. We will install, configure and manage your firewall systems, ensuring that you have the best possible firewall security for your organization.

Furthermore we help you to keep your network clean of viruses, Trojans and backdoor programs. A special focus, often underestimated, is the protection against the lose of data on stolen mobile devices like laptops or pdas.

Together with you, we create a company wide security solution, adapted to your special needs and beliefs. To reach this goal we use tools and appliances from confidential partners like 3 COM, juniper, astaro or infosys. Give us a chance to eliminate your vulnerabilities.

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